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The "Teppan-yaki" (grill iron pan kitchen) was created at the beginning of the 18th century.

It was started by Japanese immigrants to the United States of America in memory of their native Japan, as they tried to heal their homesickness.

Living in the United States of America offered an opportunity for them to discover a variety of new cooking ingredients to apply to their own cooking methods. At the same time, they began to miss their own native food.

This is why they decided to start “Steel Pan Cuisine” in this new land. It was difficult to find some Japanese ingredients. They had to start looking for substitute foodstuffs to prepare on the “steel pan” in their own kitchen.

Today, we would like to announce that the “Teppan-Yaki” in our restaurants is one of the most exciting experiences for our customers. They can actually enjoy watching while the delicious dish is being prepared on the “steel pan” before it is served.

We make sure that our food ingredients and perishables are natural and of the best quality.

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